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IPC Standards for Circuit Boards and Why It Matters

Circuit boards are the brains of all electronic devices. They are incredibly important to the functioning of society today. Everything from your Google Home to your computer to your key fob for your car has a circuit board. Because they are used in so many things, it is important that they comply with IPC standards.

What Is IPC?

IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries is a worldwide trade association that issues standards for the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). IPC stands for the Institute of Printed Circuits, and they have been around since 1957. They make and ship printed circuit boards around the world and IPC standards are used to make sure that circuit boards are usable. If circuit boards do not follow these standards, they will not be compatible or usable for any electronic device. These conform with ANSI standards and match their requirements. Because these circuit boards are used so widely, it is important for them to follow IPC standards.

Understanding How It’s Used

IPC standards are used to maintain the building of PCBs around the world. They help the manufacturers build PCBs that are safe, reliable and high performance. Without IPC standards, circuit boards made by different companies would be held to inconsistent standards and the resulting equipment may be faulty or not compatible with other technology. IPC standards help keep the same standards of PCBs across the globe, which keeps the products reliable, consistent, and cost effective.

Why It Matters

Have you ever had a system in your computer break for no reasons? For example, has your Wi-Fi ever randomly disconnected, or your touch screen monitor glitched? These are things that happen when a circuit board ceases to function correctly. When circuit boards follow IPC standards, they will perform as expected for much longer than they otherwise would have. IPC standards make sure that circuit boards perform to the best of their ability by creating standards for hardware installation on assembly lines, stating clearly what constitutes acceptable soldering results and other standards for circuit board manufacture. IPC standards keep life running smoothly for a technology-based society.

IPC standards are an essential part of the creation of printed circuit boards. IPC brings together all the players of the technology industry to bring consumers the best circuit boards. The standards IPC upholds for their technology have had long lasting impacts and will continue to do so.

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