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Amitron Purchases New Miva 2025L

Amitron Corporation has purchased and installed a Miva 2025L High-Speed Direct Imaging system. This sophisticated LED direct imaging system will enable Amitron to continue to offer world-class quality on high-density products.

New Miva 2025L

The Miva Quad Engine LED Light Head provides the widest spectrum of LED’s to permit virtually any photoresist material to be imaged efficiently and quickly. This allows high-speed imaging of not only photoresist but on LPI solder mask as well. Additionally, the Miva 2025L has dynamic scaling enabling tighter and more precise registration even when features that are on the panel edge or within the circuitry.

Tyson Mortimer, President of Amitron commented, “The addition of this state-of-the-art Direct Imaging system will allow Amitron to produce even higher technology circuit boards significantly faster than with our current film-based processes. We chose this Miva system because of its solid track record and user-friendliness, which assure our being able to continue to support the requirements, of our world-class customers faster and more efficiently.”

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