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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Amitron

When it comes to PCB manufacturers in the U.S., there are plenty of options to choose from. However, choosing the right printed circuit board supplier for your project isn’t always easy. No matter how flawless a PCB design is, it’s important to choose the right supplier to successfully bring it to life. Amitron has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, testing, and delivering high-quality printed circuit boards. When it comes to building PCBs, Amitron is not your typical printed circuit board shop, and here are the top five things you probably didn’t know:

1. We Build Prototype PCBs

Amitron specializes in building short-run, one-off, and prototype printed circuit boards. In fact, we’re so invested in PCB prototyping that we’re the only supplier in North America to offer SIPAD solid solder coating services, which makes hand assembly a breeze.

We use the same top-quality equipment, materials, and processes that are used to manufacture our standard production printed circuit boards.  You can use our cost-effective printed circuit board manufacturing solution and still receive the high level of quality you expect from Americas’ most trusted PCB manufacturer. Our custom prototype PCB manufacturing is available for both simple and complex projects with a variety of layer counts, materials, densities, and processes and finishes, great for testing designs for a wide variety of applications. Learn more about our prototype PCB capabilities

2. We Build Production PCBs

Amitron also specializes in building large-run, high-volume, and mass production printed circuit boards with rapid turn times, fast quoting, and easy ordering. Amitron’s Mass Production Service is built to serve the electronic manufacturer who needs large runs of extremely high-end boards and the mass market engineer who need fast, reliable standard production PCBs. Learn more about our production PCB capabilities. 

3. Our Printed Circuit Boards Are Made in the USA, With Offshore Capabilities

While some PCB companies are simply brokers for foreign manufacturers, we have the luxury of producing quick turn prototypes, mid-range, and high volume circuit boards all in Illinois, USA. Our 72,000 square feet facility ensures that no circuit board order is too complex (or simple) for Amitron to handle⁠ — with high speed and quality. Instead of brokering jobs to foreign manufacturers, we decided to build our own facility in Southeast Asia to exercise complete control over the manufacturing process. This gives Amitron the ability to meet the needs of price-sensitive customers, but never at the expense of quality. See our full list of capabilities.

4. We are MIL-SPEC 31032 Approved

Amitron Corporation is a member of a very small group of certified printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States with this approval.  The MIL-PRF-31032 certification is a natural extension of the already existing ISO 9001:2015, and ensures that our printed circuit board manufacturing process is so reliable that it meets military performance needs. See our full list of certifications.

5. We Offer Quick Turn Gap Production

Amitron offers multiple shipping options designed to fit your particular budget and sense of urgency. When time is of the essence, Amitron’s Quickturn services make it possible to have your circuit boards shipped as quickly as tomorrow.  While 12PM CT is our cutoff time, we encourage our customers to submit their orders as early as possible, because the sooner we have the data, the sooner we can get started. Learn more about our quick turn policy.

Some PCB companies offer PCB design software, PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly all under one roof. Instead of offering all of these services and burying the costs for each and every customer, we decided to invest 100% of our time and energy into manufacturing the highest quality circuit boards with the highest value. For the last 35 years, we’ve had laser-like focus on doing one thing exceptionally well. With an extreme focus on one aspect of the PCB industry, we have gained a level of expertise that is unrivaled at many one-stop board shops. Manufacturing high-quality PCBs is not what we do— it’s all we do.

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