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The Results Are In: See How We Did in 2016

The Results Are In for 2016
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At the end of each year, Amitron gives our customers a chance to tell us how we're doing. We reached out to both PCB buyers and PCB engineers to get their honest opinion about Amitron's customer service, quality, engineering, pricing, and delivery. Most importantly, we asked them to compare us to the hundreds of other PCB manufacturers they work with (both domestically and internationally). In our ongoing effort to be the #1 PCB manufacturer in the U.S., we take this feedback very seriously and use it to identify areas of improvement for 2017.

How Did Amitron Measure Up?

At Amitron, we believe a PCB manufacturer is only as great as others say it is, so take a look at what our customers had to say and how they compared us to other PCB manufacturers. See survey highlights>>