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PCB Secrets


Amitron Quickturn

Amitron Quickturn: When Will My PCBs Ship?

So you've decided to choose Amitron as your circuit board manufacturer and you can't wait to see how well we brought ...
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Copy of PCB Buyer's Guide- (1)

The Results Are In: See How We Did in 2016

The Results Are In for 2016 At the end of each year, Amitron gives our customers a chance to tell ...
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5 Reasons to Choose a Bare PCB Manufacturer (1)

5 Reasons Not to Choose an All-In-One PCB Supplier

To bundle, or not to bundle? That is the question. Whether it's better to partner with a "one-stop-shop" PCB supplier ...
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PCB Ordering Checklist Bundle

In order to prevent unnecessary delays while placing an order with Amitron, we created FREE downloadable and printable checklists. Whether ...
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Amitron Announces Key Management Changes

March 2016 Amitron appoints Thomas Massman as Director of North American Sales and Chris Thompson as National Sales Manager. ...
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Chinese New Year: PCB Imports

Everything Electronic Manufacturers Should Know About Chinese New Year 2016

When is the Chinese New Year 2016? Although the traditional celebration starts much earlier, the official celebration begins February 7, 2016. ...
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Compare PCB Manufacturers

How Does Amitron Compare to Other PCB Manufacturers?

In Case You Were Wondering...  The most common questions we hear at Amitron are about how we compare to other ...
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Choosing a PCB Manufacturer

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a PCB Manufacturer

  With so many PCB manufacturers to choose from, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with picking the right one ...
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Which PCB Surface Finish Should I Use?

At the most basic level, a PCB surface finish is a plating or coating that is applied to the exposed copper ...
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